we can call SHIRDI SAIBABA as karunavatar ( all merciful compassion incarnate )
because HE is here to bestow his grace and compassion on us and make us internally pure.

Sai Naam Jap


The power of namajapam in sankeertana form is well known. The celestial Narada Muni once asked Srimannarayana, which is his permanent abode, to which he replied “Naham Vasami Vaikunte, Nahi Yogi Hridaye, Yatra Mad Bhakta Gayanthe Tatra Thistami Narada” which means “Oh Narada, I am not in Vaikunta, nor in the hearts of yogis, you will feel my presence where my devotees sing my name with love affection”.

When Arjuna asked Lord Krishna “Oh Lord, how can I perceive when I am engaged in worldly activities(samsaram) ?” to which Lord Krishna replies “Oh Arjuna, you can always do my namajapam by which you will remain in my pure conciousness(Bhagvadgita)”.

Our Lord Sai asked an ardent female devotee, Radhakrishna Aayee, to do Nama Saptaha during Srirama Navami festival in 1913. He asked Shri Das Ganu Maharaj to do Nama Saptaha and blessed him. Baba’s dictum is “If a person utters my name with love, I shall fulfill all his wishes, increase devotion”.
So in this Kali age there is no easier way to attain salvation than Namajapam. The great and powerful Taraka Mantra “Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai”, adopted by intuition and inspiration by Shri Sankaraiah, is very unique and magnetic.

Vishnu Puranam says that which is attained through: Tapasya (Penance) in KRITA Yuga; through sacrifice, in TRETA Yuga; through worship in DWAPARA Yuga; is easily attained in the present KALI Yuga by Namasankeertana, singing the name and glory of Lord Sai Baba’s Taraka Mantra “OM SAI SRI SAI, JAYA JAYA SAI”. Wherever Nama Japa Yagna/Saptaha are performed, Lord Sai manifests in some form or another and blesses the devotees.

All the disciples of Shirdi Sai Baba have found him to be none other than God Almighty transcending The Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Both in His mortal body and after His Mahasamadhi, Baba has granted and is still granting the wishes of all the devotees who sincerely invoke his blessings.

Non-stop chanting of Baba’s Taraka Mantra “Om Sai, Sri Sai, Jaya Jaya Sai” should be performed to seek His blessings. It is the sincere desire of this devotee to promote Sankeertana of Shirdi Sai Baba in North America, in your houses, localities, and temples and get blessed by Shirdi Sai Baba to cross over the ocean of Samsara smoothly and thus pave the way for Eternal Bliss and Joy.